Enjoy Your Vacation in Wayanad at the Best Luxury Resorts

Kerala, situated in the southernmost tip of India, is a treasure trove for any nature lover. It has been chosen as one among ‘the ten must-see destinations’ by the National Geographic Traveler. Any detailing of this plentifully gifted land would fall far short before her grandeur.

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Kerala is also known for its traditional food served on plantain leaves and the delectable and authentic Malabar cuisine redolent with the scent of spices. With the delicious Savory Malabari Chicken Biryani, Naadan fish curry-with fresh sea fish cooked in rich spices and tomato gravy, soft boiled tapioca with generous lashings of grated coconut etc., the Kerala cuisine is much like the state itself-diverse, colorful and rich.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in this God’s Own Country is Wayanad. The entrance way to Wayanad, Lakkidi is at a refreshing altitude of 700 m above sea level. Deep green wood germinating wild flowers of colorful chromaticity, cascading waterfalls, the musical notes of birds, the caress of cool breeze, all lure your senses to slip into a beautiful reverie. 
Wayanad is blessed with rich fauna including wild elephants, leopard, tigers, wild dog, barking deer, mouse deer, Nilgiri langur (a primate), bonnet macaque, sambar deer, porcupines, squirrels, gaur (Indian bison), wild boar, the Nilgiri tahrs etc.. 

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Wayanad is not a shopper’s delight as such, but it is popular for its handlooms and spices. Handicrafts made from coconut shells, ivory, wood etc. are other souvenirs which tourists find attractive. 

Wayanad also offers some of the best accommodation facilities for tourists arriving from different parts of the world. The resorts offer packages for you that meet all your tastes and requirements, whether it is adventure, leisure, pilgrimage or Ayurvedic treatment facilities. The sloped tile roof, elaborately carved wooden furnishings, the mellowed sunlight streaming in through the glass lattice- all transports you to an ethereal world. Some of the facilities offered by luxury resorts in Wayanad include Multi cuisine restaurant, Laundry facility, Ozone treated swimming pool, Spa, Gymnasium, Health club etc. 
Chate’au Woods is the best luxury resort in Waynad which offers enormous facilities for domestic and international tourists. Ayurvedic massage, Gaming zone, Private Barbeque, Camping on mountain cliffs etc. are some of the best services offered by Cwoods.in. 
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Lightweight Packing: How to Reduce Your Backpack Weight

Carrying less gear allows you to travel faster and farther and to cover more range of trails in a shorter time. The secret here is to carry only what is essential and leave out the rest, which takes up more space and makes your backpack heavier. There are numerous ways in which you can reduce the weight of your backpack while setting out for an outdoor trip, without compromising your safety.

The best way to start is by making two columns one labeled “Mandatory” and another labeled “Good to have”. List various things in these columns accordingly, and once you’ve done that, cut down the list sensibly. For instance, ask yourself whether you really need 4 pairs of socks for a 3 day journey. Definitely not! You could wear one pair on your feet and carry a spare pair in case it gets wet. The spare pair of socks can also be used as gloves on cold & frosty mornings. The same applies while choosing between fleece, sweater and a long sleeve shirt. Take just one. With such decisions, you can easily cut down 2-3kg from your backpack very easily.


Another way to effectively minimize weight is by choosing proper tents and materials. Ultra-light tents usually weigh around 2 kg or even less. It is a good idea to do away with tent poles and use trekking poles and guy lines instead, for setting up the tent. Another option is to use hammock or tarp, which will easily put you into sub 1 kg category. However it is to be noted that super light tents do not have a thick inner canopy which makes them unsuitable for use in areas infested with bugs.

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Sleeping Pads

Choosing a closed cell foam pad is the cheapest and lightest alternative to bigger and heavier sleeping pads. You could also consider using sleeping pad as your back rest, which may be a bit extreme for some people. Switching from a full length inflatable pad to closed cell foam can easily save about 700 g.

Sleeping bag

To reduce weight, it is best to carry only a Mylar blanket or a simple sheet. However if you are particular about sleeping bags, you could consider a lightweight sleeping bag but the catch here is that these sleeping bags can lose their insulation capacity if wet and hence needs to be always kept dry. Instead you could also try a combination bag with a thicker side and a thinner side that will span a range of temperature and yet is relatively lighter.


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The type if backpack chosen also helps in cutting down the weight. Usually, full featured travel backpacks have about 60-80L of storage space and weigh 2.5-3.5kg while a mid-sized weekend pack weighs 1-2kg less.

Stoves and Cookware

If you are planning for short trips, an LPG or canister stove is the ideal choice. These are light, compact and are suited for almost all weather conditions. Make sure to carry small and efficient cook sets to boil water and rehydrate food items, thus allowing you to save on fuel weight.

Be creative and industrious. But never leave out any stuff that you really need which might compromise your safety.

GearTrade.com is an online marketplace to sell and buy outdoor gear. Both new and used gear is listed on the site. It serves as a good platform where buyers and sellers This One get the best deals for the products listed.

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Asset Optimization & Tracking System for Oil & Gas Industry

Time is a luxury the oil and gas industry can hardly afford to waste and companies are trying their best to ensure safe, effective efficient movement of assets. Stoppage of work due to inappropriate equipment can result in loss of millions of dollars in revenue.  The unavailability of key equipment can also endanger the whole operation in some cases. Therefor it is critical for an oil company that all assets are managed and tracked constantly to ensure smooth operations.

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Making use of various asset optimizations and tracking tools, companies can easily manage movement of equipment from one site to another, onshore and offshore.  All the assets within a geographic perimeter can be monitored & an asset inventory check can also be performed without much effort. Various sensors are deployed in order to make the system powerful & effective.  These sensors have the capability to detect events such as the number of engine hours logged on the equipment, whether a container door has been opened etc.

ReadMax is one such brilliant application developed by Tech27 Systems, for helping oil companies to effectively track and record the movement of company or 3rd party assets globally. The asset data is captured and recorded using easy to operate, intrinsically safe readers and transmitted to a central database. Data can be accessed securely by both asset vendor and customer, making the system ideal for applications requiring regular inspection or planned maintenance operations. Due to its modular design, ReadMax works equally well as a feeder system into ERP or maintenance systems including SAP and Maximo.

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Key Functionalities

  • Proprietary technology for real time recording and analysis of asset movement.
  • Reduction in time taken to record asset information.
  • Monitors asset throughout its lifecycle.
  • Reports on asset utilization and KPI.
  • Secure collaborative accessibility for both company based and 3rd party users.
  • Supports both active and passive tagging technologies.
  • Intrinsically safe and ATEX certified system.
  • High read/write success rates in operational situations.
  • Manual or automatic operation.
  • Web based system for ease of use and improved asset visibility.
  • Easily integrates with SAP and Maximo.
  • Full audit and certification management.
  • Fully customizable reporting module.

Key Value Additions

Tech27 Systems is an engineering Service Company which uses advance computer systems, to deliver cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry.

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